“My mother was an archer.”


“…-yeah. She said it took as much discipline to shoot an arrow as it did to swing a blade.” She lifted the bow again and lined up the arrow, glaring at the target ahead - “I told her there was cowardice in archery.” - and released the projectile.

“When Howe attacked, I had never actually killed anyone before, and I panicked. I was one of the best trained in dual swords in Highever, Duncan’s first choice in recruits…and even with my blades I was terrified. She stayed calm, though. Were it not for her coward’s bow and arrow, I wouldn’t have survived.”



Connor: Give me Lee.

Haytham: Impossible. He is the promise of a better future. The sheep need a shepherd.

Connor: He has been dismissed and censured. He can do nothing for you now.

Haytham: A temporary setback. He will be restored.

[Connor: We have an opportunity here. Together we can break the cycle, and end this ancient war. I know it.

Haytham: No. You WANT to know it. You WANT it to be true. Part of me once did as well. But it is an impossible dream.

Connor: We are in blood, you and I. Please…

Haytham: No, son. We are enemies. And one of us must die.]

The conversation in brackets are cuts from the game, but found in Forsaken.


absurdliest-deactivated20140921 asked:

Hello! I thought I should let you know about russian dragon age community stealing your works and putting their own copyrights on them. vk. com/wall-42881115_208089

the-gold-finch answered:

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I really appreciate it.

Looks like a bunch of other artists are dealing with this as well. The same thing’s happened to kelgrid’s comics here. There are a lot of other works from artists whose names I don’t know because, you know, there’s no credit attached to the pictures. 

I’m always happy to share. Translations are great and reposting on other sites is cool with me as long as simply credit the artist. But slapping a copyright on my work and not linking it back to me? That’s just straight up theft. You can try to spin it any way you like but that’s all it is.

I don’t suppose anyone has any advice for how to deal with this?

Thank you everyone.

They don’t say, that your works are made by them, they put their copyright only on their translation. You should know that in Russia nobody cares about copyrights. But… how to explain it… There are a lot of popular communities and every popular community wants to show that it’s the best coz one community often steals the content from another community.
And you should know that your works are very popular in Russia and people know that they are belong you. So don’t worry about it, we know)) But I don’t understand, if it cares you, why don’t you put your copyright on your works?